April 15, 2017

Hey World!
This week went pretty well!
As for office work, I have been trying to get settled out the situation of a few packages that some parents sent their missionaries. Sometimes, parents send boxes to their missionaries, and it gets up to a $250 tax on it! There is a way to request a review of the tax, basically asking for it off because we are missionaries. Sometimes they take off the tax, sometimes not. I basically have to gather a bunch of information, and fill out a bunch of papers. I am working on 4 boxes right now, but so far nothing has been taken off!
We went and taught the family of Sheila and Lucio again, and they are awesome! Lucio and the two kids all really want to get baptized, but Sheila just doesn’t really have a testimony yet. We talked with them about that, and left some reading in the Book of Mormon for her to read and pray about. They really like the church, the missionaries, and the members, but they all need testimonies to be able and get baptized!
We had a family home evening last night with a single woman in the ward, and her investigating friend, and talked about having Christ as our focus. From what I understood, she also needs to learn more about the restoration of the gospel, and pray more sincerely about it. But, we all ate food and chocolate afterwards, so it was good!
We found a really cool barbershop here, so I decided to get my hair cut there! They have massage chairs, a pool table, playstation 4, free drinks, and a bunch of cool stuff like that. Elder Ferreira, one of the other missionaries here in the office, convinced me to do some chemical hair straightening treatment thing. I think it turned out pretty well! I’ll attach some pictures!
Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend! Remember what Easter is all about! I know that Jesus Christ died for us, but that he rose on the third day, and today, he lives!!!!!

Your favorite missionary,
Élder Spencer Reece Peterson


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