March 20, 2017

Hey guys!

This last week was good!
This week, we had a ‘Mission Tour’ on Thursday. Basically, one of the church leaders back from the US (Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the Presidency of the Seventy, and Elder Aidukaitus of the Seventy) came to our mission and talked to us, and gave a training.
Before I explain that though, I will explain Wednesday. I took advantage that the entire mission came to Florianópolis, and took three new Americans in the mission to get registered and get some other legal stuff done. I first took them to the Federal Police station and got them registered here in Brazil. Then after that, I took them to make a CPF number (which is basically a social security number, just less important and less secret). Then we went to some legal place to have them sign papers and make copies of thier documents, to basically give me all legal rights to act in their names and do stuff for them. It lasted the whole day, and I was proud that I didn’t screw anything up.
On Thursday, like I said, we had our ‘Mission Tour’. It was only a 2 hour meeting, but it was good either way. Elder Robbins talked about a few missionary work experiences, and how we need to share the gospel with all people. I had a good time, and was glad that all the bus times and tickets worked out. I had to arrange buses for the entire mission of 160 missionaries to come from all over that state here. It was stressful, but it got done.
We taught Lucas and Aline again on Saturday, and finished the Plan of Salvation. Lucas is understanding basically everything we teach him, and is understanding really well! Aline will have her baby any day now, and they are also getting ready to get married. Lucas is excited to be baptized, and I am excited for him. Me and Elder F. Santos are moving to the center of the city this week though, so now we won’t be teaching them anymore, and other missionaries will be teaching him.
But, I am starting my last week of training, and am excited for the next 4 months!
Hope everyone is doing well!!!
Your favorite missionary,
Elder Spencer Reece Peterson

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