March 13, 2017

Hey Guys!!!

This week was pretty good!
As my training time is winding down in the office, I am trying to learn/understand everything that I possibly can before Elder Meredith goes home. I feel like I am understanding the majority though!
This upcoming week we are going to have a ‘Mission Tour’ here in our mission. Basically, a member of the presidency of the seventy and a member of the seventy (church leaders from Salt Lake City) are going to come and visit our mission. President got permission to being the entire misison to Florianópolis for the first time ever, to have one big meeting with them. It is going to be pretty cool, but there is a lot of preparatin behind it!
I spent a good part of the week organizing all of the travel stuff. I had to reserve 4 tour buses to bring the misisonaries here, and also bus tickets to get all the missionaries together in the cities that the buses will pass. So, after hours of calls and internet searches, Elder Meredith and I finally got everything reserved and ready for the missionaries to come and go from Florianópolis!
Since here in two weeks we will have our transfers in the mission, I have been trying to get all the things ready for the new missionaires that will arrive in the mission. I have to get a bunch of materials ready for them when they get here, and a bunch of papers to sign. On the day that they get here, I will be taking care of all of their documents and legal papers, so I have to have everything ready!
We are still teaching Lucas and Aline, and it is going well! This week we taught them about the ressurection and the final judgement. Lucas is understanding everything well, and continues to ask a lot of questions! They are getting marriage papers ready, and Lucas is looking for a job, so we are trying to help them with both of those things.
Today I received my plane itinerary for going home! I will be leaving on July 25th, and getting home on July 26th. I will spend the night on the plane! Even though that is still like 4 months away, I am pretty excited! It is weird to think about too!
Being on a mission has for sure helped my testimony grow stronger. I have spent a year and 7 months inviting people to find out for themselves about God and his church, and I can say that I myself have a strong testimony that Jesus Christ lives and that his church is restored and on the earth today! This life is the time we have to prepare and progress, and I know that the Lord’s work is the most important work that there is! After watching so many people learn and progress in the gospel, I know the power that God has in others’ lives.
That is basically all for this week! I will let everyone know how these next couple weeks go!
Love your favorite missionary,
Élder Spencer Reece Peterson

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