February 6, 2017

Hey Guys!!!

This week went pretty well!
On Tuesday, Elder Marcelino and I decided to knock some doors in a part of the city I hadn’t really worked in before. I hadn’t worked there before mostly because there is a lot of hills, but when you have already knocked the rest of the easy spots, you have to start climbing hills to find the un-knocked parts! The neighborhood there is called, “Menino Deus” or in English “Boy God”. Everything here is pretty Catholic, even the neighborhood names.  We found a family knocking doors that let us in and we shared a message about Jesus Christ with them. They told us that it is hard to find them at home, so we haven’t been able to go back yet.
On Thursday, we decided to knock doors in a part of the city that is just really far away, (walking at least) to maybe find someone to teach. We were able to teach a little old lady who lives directly in front of a family in the Branch. Her name is Genir, she is 80 years old, and is really Catholic. But, we had a good talk about her late husband and temples and eternal families. Plus, the sun was RIDICULOUSLY scorching hot, so it was good to get out of the sun!
On Friday we went to a city called Campos Novos for our district meeting. After the district meeting, the elders were going to have a branch missionary activity, so I made them a lime cake for refreshments. They said it was pretty good, so that’s good!
On Saturday, we went to try and see if a Haitian less active member and her sister -in-law were wanting a ride to church the next day, but when we got there, their husbands weren’t home. We weren’t going to teach them anything anyway, so normally their husbands not being there wouldn’t be a problem, we were just going to see if they needed a ride to church. The problem was that they don’t speak Portuguese. Or English either for that matter. Just Creole. So, we stood there for a few minutes trying to sign out asking if they needed a ride. Eventually they got the message, and knew how to say ‘no’. So, that was pretty interesting!
Yesterday, we went to teach someone we found knocking doors on Friday. After getting back to the bus station in Joaçaba on Friday, we were going to walk back home. The bus station is basically on top of a mountain/hill, so it is a while to get back down to the city. I decided to knock some doors on the descend, seeing that we were already up there, and didn’t have to climb hills to get there. One lady told us to come back another day, and we went back on Sunday to teach her and her family. After talking with them, we discovered that they knew a family that is active in the church, and told us that they are a good family! They also told us that they had never seen missionaries before, and thought that they didn’t exist anymore. They have a lot of questions, and they are being a good investigating family!
Something I’ve noticed in my mission is how much faster the work is when the members are helping you, finding people for you to teach. The Lord prepares people to receive the gospel, and then puts people there to share it. When the members have the chance to share it but don’t, it just takes a lot longer and makes the missionaries job a lot harder too! The familes are prepared, and God leave them without their chance. It’s just frustrating sometimes that most of the time the missionaries have to find the member’s friends to be able to invite them!!!! So, all of you members back home should try and help the missionaries by introducing your friends to them. They will have to knock a lot less doors to find them!
This  week we are starting now is the last week of the transfer, and we will receive transfer calls here in a few days. I am hoping to be transfered to the mission office, but even if I don’t, I am most likely getting a new companion. My companion, Elder Marcelino, has already been here in Joaçaba for 6 months, so I am sure I will switch companions either way!!!
But, that is basically all for now! I will make sure to keep you all updated! If I don’t write next Monday, it’s because I was transfered to the mission office, and my P-day was switched to Saturday!!!
Love your favorite missionary,
Élder Spencer Reece Peterson

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