February 27, 2017

Hey Guys!

This week was pretty good! I am still learning how to do everything here in the office, so most of the week was spent in the office! I learned a little more how to renew people’s visas and other small responsibilities I have during the transfers.
Related to the work, Elder F. Santos and I are teaching a guy named Lucas. He is going to get married to a member, and is pretty interested in the church. He and his mom, Mari, both have a bunch of questions about the church. We are teaching them on Saturday afternoons when we aren’t in the office. They live a little far away, so we take a bus each week to go teach them.
Another person we are teaching is a girl named Luiza. She is a niece of a member here, and was already being taught by a few other missionaries before us. We invited her to be baptized, and marked the date for March 4th. Even though we didn’t do most of the teaching, it is pretty cool to see someone who has a desire to follow Christ’s example and is excited to be baptized!
This week here in Brazil was Carnival, which is a pretty crazy holiday. It is a lot of drinking and partying and other stuff like that. It started on Friday, and goes until Tuesday. There were a bunch of guys dressed like women and a lot of drinking, so we are trying to stay away from some of our area where it is like that!
That is pretty much all that happened this week! Sorry if it isn’t too exciting. Office work might be fun for me, but not necessarily exciting to hear about!
Hope everyone has a good week!
Your favorite missionary,
Elder Spencer Reece Peterson

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