February 13, 2017


Well, my life is completely different than it was one week ago!

Well, on Tuesday, Elder Marcelino and I visited a few people and organized a little the apartment. Not much happened.
On Wednesday, we got a call from the mission president about transfers. We were both being transfered! My companion, Elder Marcelino, went to Guaratuba, an area in a state called Paraná. I was transfered to Florianópolis to be the mission’s new Executive Secretary! I am also a district leader of the biggest district in the mission, with 18 people in it. My companion’s are Elder Meredith and Elder F. Santos. My area is called “Sacos dos Limões” or in English “Sack of the Limes”, and we are living with the assistants. In 6 weeks, we will move to the actual “staff” apartment and live with the rest of the assistants. So, I will end up having another area here in 6 weeks!
After receiving that call, I found out that my bus was leaving Friday morning, so I basically got to work packing my bags, cleaning the apartment, visiting our investigators and letting them know that we were going to leave. Especially since we were both leaving the area and two new missionaries were going to go in our place in Joaçaba, we had to leave a bunch of letters for them, explaining EVERYTHING about the area and everything they need to know. I feel like we did a good job!
I left of Friday morning, and got here in Florianópolis Friday evening. I immediately started talking with the previous Executive Secretary as he started to explain to me how to do my new job. It doesn’t seem that hard and I am enjoying it a lot! I am now in an air conditioninged building, and am avoiding the sun! It is awesome!
I have been buying bus passes and plane tickets, dealing with passports and a bunch of other really official stuff that I only kinda know how to do. I feel like their is a lot of power in my hands, but as it was once said in a Spiderman movie, “With great power comes great responsibility”, and it is true! If I screwed up before, maybe someone would get mad, and then forget. If I screw up now, people can be illegal in the country or be flown home to the wrong place.
This is a summary of the things I do:
  • Buy bus passes for transfers, meetings and interviews
  • Buy plane tickets for misisonaries to go home
  • Deal with and renew visas and passports and documents that make people legal here!
  • Reserve hotels for the mission president when he travels
  • Resolve problems with people’s mail and boxes being held and taxed by the government
  • I am the doorman of the office who opens the gate for people and talk to people on the video screen when they ring the bell
  • And I put paper in the printer when it runs out!!!!
That is basically what I do! I am sure I do other things that I just don’t know yet that I do, and will soon have to find out!
Attached is a picture of the office staff and some other missionaries here that are being transfered!
But, I am enjoying my job so far here, and am really excited for the rest of the mission!
I will keep everyone else updated about how my week goes!! Hope everyone has a good week!
Love your favorite missionary,
Élder Spencer Reece Peterson

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