November 7, 2016

Well, this week was hot!! Summer is definitely coming.

On Tuesday, we taught two friends of a less active youth in the branch. One of them, Gabrielle, was interested in the church. We taught them about the restoration, and gave her a pamphlet and The Book of Mormon. She said she likes to read, so she would read a lot of it!
Wednesday was a holiday. It was a holiday where people go to the cemetaries and leave flowers and stuff like that. I figured it was similar to Memorial Day, and we decided to go to a cemetery to find people to teach about the plan of salvation. It sounded like a good idea, until we got there and I discovered that it is a Catholic holiday, we were in a Catholic cemetery, and it was pouring rain. People weren’t staying there too long, and it wasn’t giving time to talk to the people. They were busy doing prayers and lighting candles. So, we didn’t have too much success there.
We spent Thursday and Friday in Pato Branco for our district meeting, and went to a family home evening with the elders there. We were helping an 11 year old boy complete some Faith in God requirement about learning about the restoration of the priesthood. We acted it out in a theatre-like setting, and then we all ate pizza together!
On Saturday, we walked a long way to get to where we had been teaching some people, and tried to see if they had been reading what we left. We weren’t able to find a lot of people home, so we spent some time knocking doors to try and find some new people to teach. We found a couple that let us in and heard our mesage, but that was it. The day was full of sun, heat and walking!
Yesterday we tried to go visit a few less actives and try to share a message, but none of them were home!! So, yesterday wasn’t too eventful.
This last week was the 4th week of the transfer, and we are now into the 5th week. The transfer is coming to a close, and the time of hearing about transfers is coming up!! I will let you know how this next week goes!!! Hope everyone has a good week!!
Love your favorite missionary,
√Člder Spencer Reece Peterson

November 6, 2016



October 31, 2016

Hey Guys! Another week happened!

This week was full of work, walking, and sun. Summer is basically here, and I am using sunscreen and walking around with an umbrella to try and not get burned. We have been working (knocking doors) in a part of town that is a little further away, but is working. My theory is that the further away the part of town is, the less the missionaries have worked/knocked doors there in the past. So, the people there haven’t had as much contact with the missionaries, haven’t been taught, and don’t hide when the missionaries knock on their door, because they don’t know who we are! So, far, I think I am right.
The part of the town we are going to just about averyday is called Seminario. It is about a 45 minute walk, walking at a fast, missionary walking pace. So, I think everyday we spend at least an hour and a half walking. If not more. With the sun, it makes everything really hot! I had to resole a pair of shoes recently because of holes in the bottom. So, we will see how long that lasts.
Our mission president has been stressing a lot that we need to be finding someone new to teach everyday. Now, he is stressing that we need to be finding a new family to teach everyday. It is not an easy task, but we are spending a lot of time trying to find people. President stresses also that our main source to find new families to teach is the members here. We have been asking the members a lot and trying to help them think of people and have the courage to invite some friend or relative to hear us, but so far they haven’t been helping. So for now, more hours in the sun looking for people to teach!!
On Thursday, the elders from Pato Branco came over for our district meeting, and we all went out to eat giant pastels! We were barely able to finish from being so full, but that is usually how we have fun; eating a lot.
Knocking doors in this new part of town, we were able to find some people to teach! Some have interest in hearing more, others just listen to be polite. So, I will save your time and only mention those who are interested!
We found a girl knocking doors that is 18, and her name is Rafaela. She has been to a lot of churches, and hasn’t decided on a specific church she wants to go to yet. We taught her about the plan of salvation, and she listened well and asked questions. We are going to go back this week to teach her about the Restoration, and she what she thinks.
We were walking on the street, and some guy stopped us and told us he was a member of the church and that he had recently moved in the town. He hadn’t been going to church, but invited us over to visit. We went over to his house and talked with him and his girlfriend. We started to teach them the restoration, and they listened well. The guy, whose name is Mogar, wants to change and go back to church, but I’m sure he just has a lot to change. He said the closing prayer, and started crying in the middle when he talked about how he wants to change and stuff. He lives like 2 houses down from another less active guy, and they are about the same age. Around 18-19. It is funny because they both are baptized, but neither knew that the other was a member of the church. I am hoping that some day they can both help each other go to church and be firm in the church.
It has been hard to be able to teach someone more than two times. Usually we can teach the same person two times, but when we try and come back to teach them a third time, they are never home! It is really annoying, and timing is hard to get right. Especially when you have to spend 45-50 minutes walking just to get there! A car or even a bike would make the work here so much easier!! But, I am trying to do my best with what I have!!
That is basically how the week went! We are starting the second half of the transfer, and I now have a year and two months on the mission! Hope everyone is doing well at home, and that everyone has a good Halloween!!!
Love your favorite missionary,
√Člder Spencer Reece Peterson