September 26, 2016

Hey Guys!
This week was good!
I spent the majority of the week going to, being in, and returning from Chapecó for our zone meeting. We left on Tuesday morning, had the meeting on Wednesday, and returned on Thursday. So there went the majority of the week! The zone conference was good, and president talked with us about Doctrine and Convenants section 88. He also told us he received a manual from Salt Lake City, about the standards and usage of Ipads for missionaries! He said that that was all he got, and doesn’t know anything else yet. But, he says he thinks that they might be sending us Ipads soon! So, I have high hopes that in the next 10 months something happens.
On Friday and Saturday, we tried visiting some people, and ended up just jkocking doors. We taught a guy named Idézio and a lady named Nadier. They both told us we could come back, and we will be going back this week. Idézio is an old man who is pretty lonely. His family doesn’t really visit him. And Nadier was some lady who let us in because she felt bad for turning away the Jehovah’s Witnesses the day earlier. So, we taught her!
Yesterday, we were suposed to have lunch with a returned missionary and his wife, but they forgot. So, another member offered to give us lunch at his house. He lives in a city called Salgado Filho (Salty child/son) and it is 27 miles away! So, we went there, and he showed us around the small town on 4,000 people. We ate with him, and then he told us he would send us back on the 4:00 bus. But, we went there, and it turned out the bus didn’t leave until 5:00. So, we spent the afternoon out in Salgado Filho, and then took the bus back, getting back to Francisco Beltrão at 6:00pm. We then tried to visit some guy named Domingos, that we met knocking doors the day earlier, but his wife told us that he was sick. So, we knocked some more doors!
That was basically my week! We just have 2 more weeks in this transer, and two more weeks of training for Elder Aires, my companion! So, here soon I will know what will happen!
I hope you all have a good week! I will write more next week! Tchau!
Love your favorite missionary,

Élder Spencer Reece Peterson


September 19, 2016

Hey Guys!

This week went well! We spent some time looking back through older teaching records from other elders in this past year, and decided to try and find some of the people. We had already looked for them one time, but we decided to try and find them again. We looked, and found some, but most didn’t want to hear anything. So, we ended up with more ex-investigators! But, we did do some door knocking, and found a few people to teach. We are still teaching Angelina, a woman we found knocking doors. We have been talking a lot about faith and prayer. We are trying to help her to keep reading
On Thursday, we traveled to Pato Branco, the city where the other elders in our district are. We spent Thursday with them, and then on Friday had our district meeting there! There are a lot of hills there, and I walked up some huge hills!
On Sunday, we got to church and our investigator Angelina was there! It was awesome that she came to church for the first time! She even brought her neighboor, José, and they both were there at church! I think they liked it!
My companion, Elder Aires, was a little sick this week, but just with a bad cold. He bought some medicine and I already had some, so he used it and is better now.
This upcoming week, we have a zone conference with President Silva, so we will be traveling and away from our area Tuesday, Wednesday and half of Thursday. We are planning to go again to an endless pizza buffet!
That’s basically it for this week! Sorry for the lack of stories/content! Not too much happened! I hope everyone has a good week! Se cuide!
Love your favorite missionary,
Élder Spencer Reece Peterson

September 12, 2016

This week was a tough one!

We didn’t have very many appointments this week, so a majority of the week was left to knocking doors to try and find someone to teach! We spent a lot of hours knocking doors, and sadly, without much sucess. It is political season here right now, and apparently people go door to door to advertise. And even though people are home, they don’t answer the door because they think we are politicians. Some people come to the door or window, and tell us they don’t want to hear about politics, and them close the door. So, that is pretty frustrating. But, we keep trying!
Of the few people we are teaching, there is a lady named Angelina. She is really nice and let us in to talk with her. We have already taught her a few times. She is active in her church, but is searching for a church where she really feels right. She is reading the parts of the Book of Mormon that we leave her, and we are trying to help her recognize a response to her prayers. She is still a little confused why she would need to be baptized again, because she was baptized in the Catholic church. But, we are going there everyweek to try and help her understand why.
We had a zone meeting this week, and spent Thursday and Friday in Chapecó. On Thursday, the missionaries there were doing an exposition in the town square, so we went to help. We had banners and posters there of the Book of Mormon and stuff like that, and were stopping people on the street, talking to them and giving them invitations to go to church. There were 6 sets of missionaries there, so we were able to talk with a decent amount of people. We got a few names and addresses for the missionaries there to go visit. It was pretty good!
Friday we had our zone meeting, and I got a box from my parents!:) It was good to receive a bottle of ranch dressing! It’s been more than a year since I have tasted it!
That was basically our week! A lot of doors, and miles of walking! It is starting to warm up here, and last night I used the fan it was so hot! I am starting the 3rd week of my second transfer here in Francisco Beltrão, (there are 6 weeks in one transfer. I am starting the 3rd week of the 10th transfer on the mission) and with Elder Aires.
I hope everyone is doing well, and that everyone has a great week!
Love your favorite missionary,
Élder Spencer Reece Peterson

September 5, 2016

Well, another week happened here on the mission!

This week was the first week we didn’t spend two days traveling for meetings. And we actually had our district meeting here in Francisco Beltrão with the other two Elders, so we didn’t travel at all! So, we had more time to work this week. But, there weren’t too many appointments, so we spent the majority of the week knocking doors! We found a few people who listened to us, and taught them. We will try going back this next week, and see if we can’t start filling our schedule with more appointments!
This past week we also got a lot of cleaning done in the apartment! We took the washing machine, fridge, and everything from the kitchen and laundry room, and just scrubbed and mopped everything! The apartment is cleaner, and smells better too! We are getting closer and closer to a clean apartment!
On Friday, the zone leaders in Pato Branco came over to Francisco Beltrão to have our district meeting. The four elders in the district are me, Elder Aires, Elder A. Coelho, and Elder Shakespaere. Two Americans, two Brazilians. It is pretty funny too, because Elder Shakespaere is from Nebraksa, making us two the only elders in the mission from the midwest I think! After talking, I discovered that he knows places like HyVee, Casey’s gas station, and Pizza Ranch. So, it was pretty funny to talk to him, His stake is actually the Sioux City, Iowa stake, so he lives pretty close! Small world!
On Saturday, I went over to the Branch Presidents English school, where I helped him record a few things in my American English, for him to use in the school. It was pretty cool, and I enjoyed it!
That’s basically what happened during the week! I can’t beleive it is already Spetember of 2016! I will have been on the mission for a year and a month here soon. This week we have a zone meeting in Chapecó, and we will have to spend two days traveling again. The following week we will be going to Pato Branco to have our district meeting. Then we will be going to Chapecó the next week for another zone conference. So, this month should be good! I hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying my mostly boring emails!

Love your favorite missionary,
Élder Spencer Reece Peterson

August 29, 2016

Well, this week was good! Transfers happened this week, and now I am district leader!

We got the call about transfers on Wednesday. I am going to be staying here with Elder Aires in Francisco Beltrão, but I will be district leader now. They took the zone leaders from Chapecó 1, and moved them to re-open the area Pato Branco after being closed for 6 months. So, the Chapecó Zone leaders are now in the city Pato Branco. So, I will be the district leader of a district of four missionaries. The longest district from Florianópolis. Distrito Francisco Beltrão! It will be me and my companion, Elder A. Coelho and Elder Shakespaere. They didn’t have too many options out of the four to choose a district leader. Out of us four, two are zone leaders already, and my companion is still being trained. So, I was a shoe-in! There was no other option. But, I will see how this transfer goes!
We spent Thrusday and Friday in Chapecó for our district meeting like usual. Now, however, we won’t have to spend two days a week there, because the district was re-organized. The meeting was good, and the two days passed by quickly, and we came back to our area.
On Saturday, we went a taught a lady that we found knocking doors. She listened well and it was good to have a lesson!
On Sunday, we went to teach someone that we had taugh one time before, and went to see also if he had read the reading we left  ( Moroni 10 ) . In this mission (Brazil Florianópolis Mission) we loan the Book of Mormon to people we are teaching, rather than just giving. We talked to him , and he said he read the entire book of Moroni, the Introduction, the testimonies of the witnesses ,and all the stuff in the front. He said he liked the book a lot, and wanted to buy his own copy .We explained that if he was interested , he could keep the book for free. He said he didn’t want it for free and wanted to buy it. He said that is a very good book, and we should use that copy for someone else, and he ‘d buy his own copy to read. So, I think he is going to try and find where to buy it on the church’s website, and order his own copy! It just showed me how much he valued the Book of Mormon, . He gave so much value to the book, that he didn’t accept it for free, and said that the book deserves to be bought. I thought that was pretty cool, and that was a first! If I had to sell the Book of Mormon like they did a long time ago, I would have just suceeded!
Anyway, that was basically how my week went! It was good. I am now district leader, and I will see how that goes! Hope everyone has a good week!
Love your favorite missionary,
Élder Spencer Reece Peterson

August 22, 2016

Well since it has been 52 weeks, that means that this Thursday, I will complete a year in the mission! It seems weird that is has already been a year, but good at the same time. I am excited to be in the second half of my mission.

This week was short, and passed very fast! I wrote last week’s email on Tuesday, because there was a holiday in Francisco Beltrão, and the computer place was closed. So, I will tell about some things that happened this week!
Last Tuesday, after doing all the things we weren’t able to do on Monday, we went out to eat at a cool restaurant with the Branch mission leader, a recent convert, and his investigator girlfiriend. We ate giant hamburgers, and it was fun.
On Wednesday, it started to rain. And it rained. And rained. And rained. The rain didn’t really end until about Sunday Morning! It was a wet week. We had a few appointments to go see, but none of them were home! So, we decided to knock some doors in the rain! We didn’t enter in any houses, so after that day of door knocking, we went home to dry off from the rain!
Thursday and Friday we spent in Chapecó like usual, and it was good! On Thursday, I got a haircut, and we helped the sisters give out invitations and invite people to take a tour of the chapel! It was really cold, and we ended early because it started pouring rain. The elders there had an activity in the ward, and we participated. And ate their food:) So, it was all fun! We are getting to know the members of their ward pretty well! One of the elders in the district in Chapecó go a present from a recent convert girl that really likes him. He took it home and we all watched while he opened it. It was a pretty ugly dress shirt! We all had a good laugh!
We had our district meeting on Friday, and the sisters made french toast and a ‘home-made maple syrup’. It was pretty good! We had a lot of rain, and spent the rest of the day on the bus!
On Saturday, We had a few appointments, but again, they all fell through. And again, it rained all day!!!! So, we went around and kncoked some doors for a while until it got dark. We didn’t enter in any houses, but talked to someone that said they were interested! So, we will go back another day! That night, was the final soccer game in the Olympics between Brazil and Germany. We weren’t watching, but we knew how the game turned out. We were sitting in our apartment, getting ready for bed, when all of the sudden people started to launch fireworks and whistle and scream. I even heard a few people running around oustide on the street screaming, “BRAZIL!!!!!” We weren’t even watching the game, and already knew who won.
Sunday morning it finally stopped raining! Thank goodness! We had lunch with some members, and then went to visit that person we met on Saturday to teach them. They had marked an appointment for Sunday, but no one was home. So, we spent another day knocking doors! We did manage to teach a guy named Marcello, who is Catholic, but seemed a little curious to hear what we beleive. So, that was good.
That was basically our week here in Francisco Beltrão! This week is the last week of the transfer, and we will be hearing about transfers this week again! I don’t think Elder Aires or I will be getting transfered, as we both just got here, but you never know! And, I will be completing one year on the mission this Friday! Yay! The district is going to a pizzaria to eat unlimited pizza for 11 dollars to celebrate my one year mark. I am highly looking forward to it!
Anyway, hope everyone has a good week! I will write more next Monday! Até mais!
Love your favorite missionary in the whole world,
Élder Spencer Reece Peterson

August 16, 2016


Me and the elders from the district, making and eating lunch on Thursday

Well, another week has come and gone! I don’t even have that much to say! But, we’ll see what I can think of!

We are teaching a family of an investigator who is wanting to be baptized. Deloira, was taught the lessons in another city and moved here, already wanting to be baptized. So, we are now teaching her family, to see if they will investigate the church and learn more. They are really cool!
We spent Tuesday and Wednesday looking for old investigators from the area book, and knocking doors to try and find people to teach. We had a meeting with the branch mission leader, and we were thinking of ideas for activities to try and find people to teach. We really don’t have very many people to teach, and were thinking of various ideas. Our recent convert was there, and he gave the best idea that I have heard in a long time! He has been playing Pokemon GO a lot, and suggested that we go to the site and suggest the church here as a pokestop. That way more people would find where the church is, and would learn about it. If you have no idea what that means, it means that people who are walking around constantly playing pokemon on their phones would start aimlessly walking to the church to get something in the game. I thought that was a good idea.
Thursday and Friday we spent traveling and at our district meeting. Pretty normal, and 11 hours on a bus every week is really tiring!!!
On Saturday and Sunday, we spent the days looking for more people from the area book, and a lot of time knocking doors. Not much results, but we managed to talk to some people!
Yesterday was a holiday here in Francisco Beltrão, and because of this, the computer places didn’t open, and we didn’t get to email yesterday. But, that doesn’t happen very often. I think the last time that that happened was last October. Which was a while ago! Basically, we are spending today doing everything we didn’t get to do yesterday.
But yeah, that is pretty much it! I am just a week and a half away from a year in the mission, and is arriving soo soon, and about time that it happened at the same time! Time passes weirdly here on the mission!
Hope you all have a good week!
Love your favorite missionary ever,
Élder Spencer Reece Peterson

August 8, 2016

Well! I am basically half way done with my mission. There will be about 100 weeks total in my mission, so it is half way done. If I calculated right, I should be exactly halfway done after Tuesday:)

This week was not very eventful. It passed really fast, and it is weird that is already Monday again. But, let me scrape at my memory and see what I can remember.
We did some door knocking on Tuesday, and found a lady named Rosane who was passing some rough times in her life. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation, and I thinked it helped her. I don’t know exactly how much she understood, but she seemed to understand better now. We tried passing by again later in the week, but she wasn’t home.
We were sitting in front of the chapel on Wednesday waiting for someone, when some random person came up to us and asked if we worked for the church. We told him a little about missionaries and the church, and then he said he was interested to learn a little more about the church. He lives in the building litteraly right to the side of the church, so we told him we’d come back later that night. We came back and taught him the Restoration, and gave him the pamflet. He said he already had a Book of Mormon that he received when he was in Italy. He speaks English, and has the Book of Mormon in English. He didn’t want to mark another lesson, and said he’d call if he had more interest. But, I thought it was just cool that he used the missionaries to learn a little more, liek everyone should do! He used like 45 minutes, and it wasn’t hard or anything!
Also on Wednesday, Elder Aires and I were a little sad, because Pokemon Go launched here in Brazil, and just about everyone but us is playing it now. And the movie ‘Suicide Squad’ launcehed the same day, just a few hours after, and there was a huge line at the theater. Elder Aires had been waiting for that movie for a while. Looks like he will just have to wait 22 more months!
Thursday and Friday we spent in Chapecó for our district meeting, and I made a lime cake for the district. Everyone said it was good, so I hope that means I can cook well!
Saturday and Sunday were pretty normal. There were some people watching the Olympics, but not too many. Even though I am here in Brazil, there is not that much hype about the Olympics here. Maybe if Brazil was doing better there would be more. And the Olympics are like 16-17 hours away by car from where I am at. So I am no where close!
Anyway, that is basically how the week was! I am right in the middle of my mission, and will now start the descend. I still have a long time to go, and will try to use it well! I hope everyone back at home is having a good time! Watch the Oympics and play Pokemon Go for me!
Love your favorite missionary in the whole world,
Élder Spencer Reece Peterson

August 1, 2016

First of all, sorry if this week’s email is reallllllly boring, beacuse not that much really happened. But, in case that you are curious what I spent the week doing, I guess you can hear about that!

To summarize Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, we spent our time with a stack of teaching records out of the area book, looking for names and houses. Most of the people had only ever been taught one time, and it wasn’t very much. We wanted to see if the people still lived here, if they remember when the missionaries taught them, and if they have interest. Each of these days, we set out with 10-20 houses to find, and started walking. Sadly, we really only managed to teach 1 person out of the four days using the teaching records. We taught other people, but we found them by knocking doors. Some of the people we just didn’t find at home. Others gave back the Book of Mormon and said that they didn’t have any more interest. The majority of the people just said they were busy at the moment, and for us to come back a different day. And when we come back it is the same thing. So basically we are not finding too much sucess yet, and are struggling to find people to teach. I am going to start thinking of some possible ways we can look for people to teach other than knocking doors!
On Thursday and Friday, as usual, we spend our time traveling to and in Chapecó for our zone meeting. We spent two entire days for it, because it takes 5 and a half hours to get there by bus, and the only buses we have to use make it so that we spend two entire days out of our area. Which is alright with me right now, beacuse it condenses the little amount of appointments and teaching we have to do for the other days of the week. That way, we at least have somethings to do! In Chapecó, we had our zone meeting, and it was really good! We discussed some doctrine, dsicussed how to improve in the work, and even got our mail! We had a zone breakfast, and that was pretty good too. Since we spend two days there in Chapecó, we eat lunch with the missionaries there and the members there! I am even getting to know quite a few members from their wards. It is pretty cool!
On Sunday, there was about 40 people there at church. Elder Aires and I introduced ourselves and bore our testimonies officially. I hope to get to know more of the members so that I can try and work with them more.
I spent some time calculating some numbers this week. Because of how the visa works, I won’t be able to stay exactly two years here. Because we work in 6 week periods of time here, I either would have to end like 4 weeks before the 2 year mark, or spend two extra weeks. Because of the visa, I have to choose the 4 weeks early. So, I am pretty sure I will be coming home around July 26th, 2017. So, if that is right, I have less than a year left! And that being said, the half way mark here on my mission should be about August 9th! So, I am basically right in the middle of my mission! I will have been in the mission for a year here later this month! So anyway, just a few calculations I was doing.
Anyway, I told you that this week didn’t have much news or updates, so this is the end of my email! I hope everyone back home has a good week! I will talk to you all next week!
Love your favorite missionary ever,
Élder Spencer Reece Peterson