July 25, 2016

Man it is really hard to get in a new city without anyone to show you around and try to live there!

This week, I was transfered from Joinville Center to Francisco Beltrão. For those of you who don’t know, it is so far away! It is not even in the state of Santa Catarina! It is in the state of Paraná. My area is the furthest area away from Florianópolis.
On Tuesday, I left Joinville for Florianópolis early in the morning. I spent the day there in the mission office, waiting for the new missionaries to get there. While I was waiting, I helped Elder Stahn, the Executive Secretary do a few things. The secretaries are always really busy, so I figured he could use some help.
At like 4:00 pm, the new missionaries got there, and we all went into the chapel. One by one, they told who would be training who. I am training Elder Aires. He is from Manaus, Amazonas Brazil. He is pretty cool! We set off on Tuesday night at 7:45 pm to our new area by bus.
On Wednesday morning at 9:15 am, we arrived in our area! It was a really long bus ride! We got there and it was really cold! We got a taxi to our new apartment, and were in the front with all of our bags. We only had two keys, and the apartment building opened with a code:/ So, we called the office and had to wait for them to get us the code to enter. We got in and our apartment is on the 3rd floor. There was no elevator, so we carried the extrememly heavy bags up the stairs! We opened the door to the apartment, and man, it was dirty!!! We started cleaning right away! It reminded me a little of back when I arrived in my first area with my trainer.
We did a lot of cleaning and a lot of organizing, and the apartment is doing a lot better. That is pretty much how Wednesday went!
We spent Thursday and Friday in Chapecó for our district meeting. Not that the meeting is two days long, just that the only times that there are to go and return on the bus ends up making two days there in Chapecó. We hung out with Elder Norman and Elder A. Coelho, and did some work around there. We will be spending two days there every single week! So, it should be interesting!
Saturday we spent the day cleaning and trying to get to know some of the investigators that the elders here before had been teaching. We got to know a couple of people, and the apartment is looking a lot better and more organized!
On Sunday, we went to the chapel, and met some of the members. The branch has a small building they are using for a chapel, and have around 45 people going to church. We met the branch president and a few other people, and are trying to get to know more people here!
That is pretty much all that happened this week! I don’t have much time to put more detail, but will keep you guys up tp date on how training is and how the new area is! Hope everyone has a good week! Feel free to send me a hand written letter! I enjoy them!
Love your favorite Elder,
Élder Spencer Reece Peterson
Elder Spencer Reece Peterson
Missão Brasil Florianópolis
Rua Feliciano Nunes Pires, 42
Centro Florianóplois- SC
88015-220 Brasil

July 17, 2016

July 15, 2016

July 11, 2016

Well, you another week passed! But, you know what they always say! Another day, another dollar! Except for I am not making any money, and there are no dollars here in Brazil. So, no dollars for me:(


This week passed by extremely fast for me. So, excuse the lack of substance in this weekly summary!


It was a little sad that I missed the 4th of July last week! To make up for it, me and Elder Blanchard sat around and sang America songs. It was good, but not quite the same thing!


On Tuesday, Elder B. Ribeiro and I were walking around, knocking doors, and having absolutely no success whatsoever! So, we sat for a few minutes at a bus stop. Then our cell phone received a text, giving us a reference from the church website. So, we got on the bus and went to visit her. She was some member of another church, writing a paper or researching about other churches, doing some teology course. So, we taught the first lesson, and then gave her a book of Mormon. We tried to mark for another visit, but she didn’t want to. But, oh well! At least we had something to do!


On Thursday, we finally got to teach a reference we had received. But, it wasn’t a normal reference. There is a Brazilian that works in the US. In fact, they happen to work in utah. In Elder Blanchard’s house. She has a friend that lives here in Joinville, and told Elder Blanchard’s mom about it. So, Elder Blanchard’s mom gave Elder Blanchard the address, and then Elder Blanchard saw that it was in my area! So, he gave the address to me, and we finally taught her! It is a small world!


We are also teaching a 9 year-old boy, who is going to be baptized soon. He is the son of completely active parents. The only reason he wasn’t baptized with 8, is because he had a medical ear problem, and couldn’t be submersed in water. Now he can, but since he is 9 years old, he has to go through the missionaries as a convert! It is fun toi teach someone that agrees with everything and accepts all of our invites!


Yesterday was a pretty good day at church! We had 8 investigators there, and a bunch of recent converts. The Gospel Principles class was so full!! We tried visiting some people in the afternoon, but most people weren’t home. But, that’s alright! We stopped in at the chapel at night just in time to eat the food from the Joinville 2nd ward’s activity. And they sent the food home with us!


That’s basically all that happened this week! I heard that there is a new Pokemon app out and that everyone is playing it. I am kinda jealous, that I am not one of those people that is playing it. But, I will play it some day!


Also, this is the last week of the transfer, and there is a chance that I will be getting transfered. I will probably find out on Thursday, and will tell you guys next Monday!


Anyway, hope everyone has a good week! I will write again next week!


Love your favorite missionary in the whole entire world,

Élder Spencer Reece Peterson

July 6, 2016

July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth of July! Hope everyone back in the states watches some fireworks for me!


The week was pretty good. On Wednesday, President send Elder Blanchard and I to another area in our zone to do a few things. The area closed because president took the misisonaries away from the area. When there are more missionaries going home that coming in, you have to take missionaries out of some place! So, he took them out of a town called Itapoá. He sent Elder Blanchard and I there to do a few things. We took the 8:30 am bus there and got there at 10:45. While there, we changed the lock on the apartment door, took the area book hom with us, saw the beach and picked up some sand dollars, ate at a restaurant, and on the way home, we accidentally took a bus that took a route that went on a ferry boat! Pretty sure we aren’t supposed to do that, but we didn’t know! One second the bus was driving normally, the next it was boarding a ferry boat. Oh well! The day was fun anyway!


This week was the fourth week that Elder B. Ribeiro and I are together! Things are going well here, and the work is picking up. We are looking to have a few baptisms here in August, but I don’t know if I will still be in the area! I have been in this area for 15 weeks now.


Here in the next three months, there are a lot of Americans going home from this mission! Alot of my friends are headed home. Not as many Americans are coming into the mission, as more and more brazilians are going on missions too! So, there won’t be as many Americans here! I hope to train a new American here soon! We’ll see what happens!


Two of our investigators, Rosivaldo and Edineia, have been trying to get all the documents to get married so they can be baptized for a long time! They told us this week that they thing they will be able to get married in August, so I am pretty happy about it!


Our recent-convert, Francisco, that got baptized like a week ago, will be getting the Aaronic Priesthood soon, and is actively going to Seminary every day and church every week! He is doing well. His siblings are saying that they want to get baptized too, so I hope his parents start saying that!


That is pretty much how our week went! I think Elder Blanchard and I are going to eat Subway today, just because it’s been a while, and we miss America. So, that is all for this week! Hope everyone has a good week! Até mais!


Love your favorite missionary in the southern hemisphere,

Élder Spencer Reece Peterson

June 27, 2016

Hey Guys! Let me tell you a little about my week!


The week was pretty good, and we even had a baptism! It was my first baptism I had from knocking doors, so that was cool. Although door knocking might not be that effective, The Lord will always guide the missionaries to the people he has prepared. Even if there is only one person prepared!


Because we had a baptism this week, we had to have a baptismal interview too. So, our district leader and his companion came over and stayed a few days in our apartment. They got here on Thursday morning, and left Saturday night! Elder Mcdonald, our distric leader, was telling us about a few films, and litterally told us the entire movie! It was like we were watching a movie. It was pretty good! And like usual, while they were there, we ordered a giant pizza! That was really good!


This week has been a little bit warmer, and a little rainy. We aren’t sleeping with the heater on at night, so that is good!


On Saturday, we had the baptism of Francisco. His family went, and some other members went. A youth in the ward that is about to go on a mission baptized him. He was confirmed the next day and is already asking how he can get the priesthood. He is learning well!


Yesterday, I hit 10 months in the mission. I am getting closer to being halfway done! Not that I am counting days or anything!


I don’t have too much else to say about the week, mainly beacuse lots of things are normal for me that aren’t normal for you guys! Sorry for being such a bad writer! But, I hope everyone is well and has a good week! Até mais!


Your favorite missionary,

Élder Spencer Reece Peterson

June 20, 2016

This week was good! It passed pretty fast, and it seems like we got a decent amount of stuff done. We have been preparing our investigator Francisco, to be baptized this upcoming Saturday. His is going to seminary everyday, and has made lots of friends in the church. His family doesn’t want to be baptized yet, but everyone is going to church everyweek. Once Francisco is baptized, I think the rest of the family will want to be baptized too! It is really cool for me, because it is going to be the first baptism of someone I found knocking doors. Clearly not the most effective way to find people, but it is what has to be done!


This week we had our zone conference, and both Joinville North (my current zone) and Joinville South (my last zone) were there! We had some good trainings from the assistants and from President Silva, and were able to talk with the missionaries from the other areas and zone! It was pretty good! On Thursday night, the night before the conference, we had 10 missionaries sleeping in our apartment! We ordered two gigantic pizzas, and ate them together! It was pretty fun!


It has been going pretty good here with my new companion, Elder B. Ribeiro! He is getting to know the area and the people here better, and that is always good! I don’t like being the only one who knows where we are and who we are talking with. The bus system is already hard for me to understand, and I have already taken the wrong bus 3 times since he got here! But, that’s what you get when almost your entire life you lived in a small town of 12,000. Now I am trying to get around in a town of 486,000 people! Also, joinville is 1,131 square km. Boone Iowa is 23 square km. You can say that this town is huge! Speaking in square kilometers, Joinville is bigger than Omaha, Des Moines and Iowa City all put together! It is crazy big!


Anyway, this week went well, with temperatures around 40 to 50 degrees this week, but for some reason I am freezing! I think the humidity here makes it feel colder than it actually is. But, my week was good, and I am doing well here in Joinville, Brazil! Hope everyone at home is doing well!


Love your favorite missionary,

Élder Spencer Reece Peterson

June 18, 2016

June 13, 2016

Well, it is cold here!


I am cold, and it is not even winter yet. I guess that’s what an entire year of summer will do to you!

This week was good, and my new companion, Elder B. Ribeiro is here, and is getting used to the area! The members and investiagtors are liking him, and I am glad about that!


We now have two sets of investigators that are trying to get married. It takes forever to get married here, and most people don’t have the right documents, so it takes a while for the marriage to happen. Right now, the two couples are Rosivaldo and Edineia (investigators that were here when I got here) and Denis and Fátima (investigators we found knocking doors). Denis and Fátima made the decision this week that they wanted to get married, and that they want to get married in August. I really hope that their family wants to get baptized, and that they continue in the church. They made cake for us this week when we went to teach them. It’s crazy how as a missionary you can make friends so easily. I knocked on their door two months ago, and now I am eating cake in their house!


This week I went around the area trying to introduce Elder B. Ribeiro to everyone! We did a lot of walking, and the week passed by pretty fast.


I have had a cold this week, and it’s annoying! I also get these weird random feelings that halloween or thanksgiving is coming up, when in reality, it really isn’t! It is June! My internal season clock is all messed up, and will continue to be messed up for at least the next 3 years!


Not too much else happened this week! I gave a talk yesterday in church about how we can learn from the examples of missionaries in the scriptures. I think it went alright! My companion gave a talk too, even though it was his first week here!


Anyway, I am doing well! I am going to try and sleep a few hours today since it is P-day to try and get rid of this cold! I will take some more pictures this week, and send them to you all! Hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying the summer!


Love your favorite missionary,

Élder Spencer Reece Peterson