January 18, 2016

Hey Guys! This is how my week went!!!

On last Monday, it was my 19th birthday! We didn’t do much. Me and Elder Buck did a cool home work out before going to bed! My abs are still sore!
On Tuesday, Elder Buck and I bought a big sweet potato, boiled it, and ate it as a late night snack!
On Thursday, we went to Fátima so Elder Buck could interview the investigators there to be baptized. Because of how the bus schedule worked, we had to stay there the entire day! So, we did a division! For those of you who don’t know what a division is, it is when two sets of companionsships switch companions for the day. I went out with Elder Mueller, and Elder Buck went out with Elder Franco. It was a long day and we did a lot of walking!!! We taught some lessons and visited a lot of less actives. At the end of the day, we ordered a pizza and ate it in their apartment.
On Friday, we had our district meeting. Afterwards, we got our mail, and I got a box from my grandparents!! Grandparents are the best!
On Saturday, we went out to visit some less active members with Irmão Wilson! It is always so good to visit members when we have a member with us. It is so sad to see people who stopped going to church! We have a long list of less actives that we are visiting, and hope to bring some of them back to church!
Yesterday, our lunch appointment fell through, so we went to eat with the Branch President and all of his family. His family is huggeeee and takes up a majority of the branch here. There were like 20 some people at lunch. They always have a big barbecue every Sunday, and it is good! They always sent us with leftovers!
It is crazy to think that January is already half over. This month is flying by! The days are slow, but the month is going fast. It continues to be extrememly hot here in São Francisco do Sul, and I am using a lot of sunscreen! Our next transfer date is Febraury 7th, and I don’t know if I will be getting transfered or not! I guess we’ll see! I will let you guys know in a few weeks! Até mais!
Until then,
Your favorite Elder,
Elder Spencer Reece Peterson

January 11, 2016

Hey Guys! Not much happened this week, but here is what happened!

On Monday-Thursday, Elder Buck and I did a lot of door knocking and found a 15 year old guy who we ended up taking to church! Also, a 17 year old less active we randomly found knocking came to church with us too.
On Friday, we had our first district meeting in a few weeks due to the holiday season and stuff. It was really cool because there was a new American in our zone, and I can officially say that I am not the newest American in the mission, and I don’t have the worst Portuguese anymore!
On Saturday Elder Buck and I were talking to a pastor who just kept standing there and telling us that the Book of Mormom is of man, that Joseph Smith wasn’t a prophet and that the Book of Mormon isn’t true. He went on for a long time, and wouldn’t let us cut in to say anything. Eventually my companion was able to say something, and said, “Irmão, have you read the Book of Mormon and prayed to know if it is true?” The pastor paused for a moment and replied, “No, and I never will. It isn’t true.” My companion said, ” Than you will never know if it is true.” We walked away and my companion put his arm around me and we were proud of what we said.   Anyone who hasn’t read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it won’t know until they do!
At chruch yesterday, Elder Buck and I gave a training on the new plan in the mission about members and references. It was good, and I think the members here are excited!
Not much else happened this week. Since today is my birthday, Elder Buck and I will have something good to eat! I will write again next week! Até mais!
Elder Spencer Reece Peterson

January 4, 2016

Well, this week was alright! Not much happened, but I will tell you guys about my week!

Last Monday I got a haircut! It is pretty different. I forgot to take any pictures of it, so maybe I will remember next week!
On Tuesday, we were walking back from a lunch appointment when we saw some guy walking out of the ditch, crying. He took off his shirt, and I thought he was just on drugs or drunk like most of the other people are that are like that. But as he explained, he was on his motorcycle when a car hit him and he and his motorcycle went flying into the ditch. He looked down, and surely enough, his motorcycle was down there. No one would stop there car to help him because just like us, everyone else thought he was just high or something. We flagged down a car and the person called the ambulance for him. Along with a few other guys, we pushed his motorcycle out and made sure he was okay. Eventually the ambulance got there and he went to the hospital in it. But yeah, that was a pretty random event!
Later that night, Elder Buck and I were sitting at our desks planning, and we saw something crawling on the floor through the hallway. It made me jump at first, and then we went to see what it was, We discovered that it was a bat. We caught it in a tupperware container, and then later let it go off the balcony. Lol it was pretty scary!
On Wednesday, I decided to eat some of the salsa my mom sent in the mail for Christmas. It was good!
On Thursday, it was New Year’s Eve. A member invited us over and we had a barbecue. We listened to a Alexandre Pires and SPC concert on a DVD. Brazilian music is pretty good!
On Friday, we didn’t have our district meeting because it was New Year’s Day. And seriously no one was home! Everyone just spends the week at the Beach, but especially that day.
On Saturday, we had lunch with the same member three times in a row beacuse of other people cancelling. That member is awesome!! And even though it was January 2nd, businesses were all still closed, and people were still celebrating!
Yesterday, after church, our lunch appointment was an hour and 25 minutes away walking. The members didn’t offer us a ride from church to their house for lunch, so we were just about ready to walk when a different member offered us a ride. After lunch, I was sure that the member would offer us a ride. But, they instead just opened the gate and said bye! So, Elder Buck and I walked and hour and a half home! I think I am going to resole my shoes pretty soon. The rubber is almost worn out.
This morning before emailing, we went to visit some guy that flagged us down off the street. He sat down with us and started off by saying, “I am not going to say anything, I just want to learn from you guys and hear what you have to say.” My companion proceeded to explain how God is our Loving Heavanly Father. No sooner did my companion explain that, did this guy just start talking about how there are fake prophets on the earth today and then used the Bible to prove it. Not only did we agree about the point he was trying to make, he also tried to convince us for 35 minutes! My companion kept trying to tell him about the plan of salvation and how god sends prophets, but this guy jsut kept talking and wouldn’t stop! He ended up talking for almost two hours! We got maybe 10 mintues of talking in. We finally left, and scheduled to come back later.
That is basically how my week went. I have started using my umbrella to shade me from the sun, because I just sweat off sunscreen most of the time. And it turns my white shirts orange! I guess I’ll use more bleach!
I’ll continue to work this week and can’t wait to email again next week! I appreciate any and all emails or letters sent by anyone! Até mais!
Your Favorite Elder,
Elder Spencer Reece Peterson

December 28, 2015

Hey Guys! Here’s what happened this week!

Like I sent in a separate email, Elder Buck and I decided to make something for some of the members here for Christmas! So, last Monday, we went and bought some materials and ordered some Christmas cards.
On Tuesday, we put the snowmen together. We decided to make these little snowmen out of socks and rice. They turned out pretty good!
Our mission president told us that we were allowed to stay at a member’s house on Christmas Eve until 1:00 am! I was excited when he told us that! But, no one invited us over. So we spent Christmas Eve in the apartment :/
On Christmas, we woke up and opened a couple boxes our families sent us. We got some good American junk food! I got a cookbook, and will be trying to make something out of it soon. Elder Buck got some sweet socks with art pieces on them. (Like socks with Starry Night, The Screaming Man) lol the socks were cool!
We had lunch at the Branch President’s house, and afterwards, we got to skype our families! It was really cool to talk to my family after 4 months! Now I just have to wait another 4 and a half months :/
On Saturday, we took down all the Christmas decorations in the apartment. It was kinda sad. The day after Christmas is always kinda suckish, cause there was a lot of hype for Christmas, and then it is gone like that. And then we were back to work! That night, to cheer ourselves up, we ordered a giant hamburger from some restaurant. It was good! I will send pictures.
Yesterday was alright. One of our only investigators dropped us. Well, we assume so. The past two times we have come by to see her, she has run out of the back door, across the street, and hid in the trees/jungle-ish stuff. So, I think it is safe to assume that she doesn’t want to hear us anymore!
Today is the first day of my third transfer in the field. Both Elder Buck and I are staying in São Francisco do Sul. Neither of us moved, but Elder Buck got made the new district leader! I am now officially done with my training too. So I am just  a regular junior companion now.
That is pretty much all that happened this week! Even though it was Christmas, not much happened! I will write more next week! Até mais!
Elder Spencer Reece Peterson

December 21, 2015

Hey Guys! Let me tell you about my week!

Last Tuesday, me and Elder Buck decided to just do a ton of contacting. We walked like 6 miles and went into a part of our area called, ‘Praia de Paulas’. It is a beachy area. We walked a ton! I saw a cool looking boat and an island thingy. I’ll send the pictures of those.
On Wednesday, we packed up our stuff and headed off to Joinville to stay the night at the Zone Leaders’ house.
On Thursday, we woke up early and got on a bus with a bunch of other missionaries and headed off to Itajai. When we got there, we went to the stake center to have our Christmas Conference. For those who don’t know, missionaries have a Christmas conference once a year. There, a bunch of missionaries from the mission get together and do some stuff. Fun stuff usually. It’s a big deal cause you only get two your entire mission. There were three different zones there, so about 60 missionaries. We had our mission president talk to us and we saw all the baptism pictures from 2015. Then we had our White Elephant Gift Exchange. I brought an electric fly swatter and skittles, and came home with soap and spray deodorant. Lol, I ended up with a good present! (Obvious sarcasm). After that, we ate lunch. We had some brazilian food and some meat lol I don’t really know what I was eating, but it was pretty good! Then we were allowed to go and play games in the gym. President brought stuff like Uno, dominoes, chess, checkers, ping-pong, and then even an x-box to play tennis, volleyball and bowling using the kinect stuff. With 60 missionaries though, it was pretty busy. I mainly just talked to the other elders. There are a couple of elder’ s there that I know, but not that many! After that, we got back on the bus and headed back to Joinville. We stayed the night there again since it was too late for a bus back to our area.
On Friday, we woke up and headed back to São Francisco do Sul. Not much else happened that day.
On Saturday, we had a family home evening with Deisi, and her kids. Elder Buck made his awesome lime cake that he has made twice now. For some reason, it is just really good! The family home evening was a success.
Yesterday, we decided to take a majority of the dishes and tupperware from our apartment to the chapel to see if any of it belonged to the members. We were sure most of it did, and figured if we started getting people back their dishes from previous elders, they might start giving us leftovers and more food! Lol
This week was good overall. It has been raining for two days straight, and our apartment has started to flood. And we are on the third floor, lol. We have been trying to get rid of the water.
That’s basically it about the week. I am excited for Christmas and to be able to skype my family! I wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I will email again next week! Bye!
Love your favorite Elder,
Elder Spencer Reece Peterson

December 14, 2015

Hey Guys!!! I had a good week here in Brazil!!! I will tell you about it!!!

So on Monday last week, I got another hair cut. My companion has convinced me to try and style my hair to what I keep calling the ‘Utah cut’. which is basically the sides are really short and the top is longer and it is flipped to the side. I have slowly been cutting my hair more and more like that, and it looks pretty good! Lol I won’t take it to the extrememe. I don’t know if I took any pictures this week that really show it. Oh well!
On Wednesday, we ate lunch in Enseada again, so we got to see the beach! Lol I think that that is the last time though, because the beach is too crazy around Christmas!!! The beach always has a really good breeze. Too bad I can’t actually go on the beach!
Nothing much happened Thursday or Friday, besides our weekly district meeting. Which has turned into a zone breakfast lol. All the districs in the zone meet in the same building, and someone always brings breakfast. So we all eat breakfast together. Me, Elder Buck and two other elders from our zone have been performing musical numbers at the zone conferences together, and we decided to sing a special musical number at the Christmas Conference. We have been trying to think of a name for our group, and finally came up with a good name! We decided to call ourselves ‘Elder Peterson a Rocha e Os Filhos do Trovão’ which translates to ‘Elder PETERson the Rock and the Sons of Thunder’. Lol it is a Bible reference and if you get it it is hilarious. But that is just nerdy missionary humor I guess. If you don’t get it though, try and find it lol.
On Saturday we found a pretty good neighborhood to go tracting in. There are a lot of houses, and the missionaries haven’t gone there much. There are a lot of people that attend a Brazilian church called Assembleia. Yesterday we were tracting there and we came to a house where a guy was standing outside. Before we said much, he invited us to sit and he brought out ice water. I thought it was kind of weird, but I liked it. We talked to him for like 45 minutes, and eventually I realized he was a Jehova’s Witness. They have missionaries too, and that’s why he was so welcoming to us as missionaries. He ended up giving us some book from his church. It was cool.
Last night, we were walking home, and had like 15 more minutes of walking. And it started absolutely pouring!! I got completely soaked. All my stuff is drying in the sun right now.
This week, I seriously wore so much sun screen! It’s ridiculous! I reapply like three times a day! I just sweat it all off! I think after I use all of this lotion sunscreen my mom sent me with, I am just going to find some spray sunscreen!
Also, in Brazil, one of the coins they use they decided to theme after the 2016 olympics for the year of 2015. I decided to collect them! Lol I need some way to entertain myself!
This week we have our christmas conference, which will inlcude three zones: Joinville Sul (mine), Joinville Norte, and Itajai. It should be fun!! I will let you guys know how it is!!
That’s basically all I can think of for this week! I am working hard, and I am trying to get the message of the Gospel to as many people as I can in my broken Portuguese! Lol thanks for the emails! I always appreciate emails back!
Elder Spencer Reece Peterson

December 7, 2015

Hey Guys! Not much of significance happened this week, so it won’t be too long. I will tell about my week!

Last P-day, we were bored, and decided to make paper snowflakes! It was supringsly entertaining, and I highly recomend it for anyone who is bored!
During the week, we did so much walking! I have never walked so much in my life! My shoes are wearing down already! It is weird because there are so many hills here! Every turn is a new hill! I will send some pictures! Also, I will send some pictures of the Church building. It used to be a house, and we actually have tracted into someone who used to live in it! It is being reformed right now, but there was a pool and a soccer pit. It is a humble building!
On Friday we had our zone conference. We spent the night at the zone leader’s apartment and got back that friday afternoon.
On Saturday, it was soooo hot and sunny. Whenever it is like that, everyone and their dog is outside, hanging everything that they own to dry. Mattresses, clothes, mats, pillows, you name it. Even couches are put out to dry.
Yesterday, it rained soooo much! I had forgotten my umbrella at our apartment, so I wore the poncho I keep in my bag. I will send some pics of it.
That’s basically all that happened this week. We continue to look for someone to teach. I love getting emails and letters if anyone was curious! Até mais!
Elder Peterson

November 30, 2015

Hey Guys! This week was pretty good! Let me tell you about it!!

On Tuesday, our lunch appointment was with Vânia and Sandro. No one goes by Brother Lastname or Sister Lastname here. They all use Brother or Sister Firstname. So I still don’t know their lastnames. But, they have a son who is waiting for his call, and loves star wars a lot. He showed us all of his star wars stuff and it was cool. He uses his laptop and smartphone all the time! He will suffer when he leaves and doesn’t have any of it! But, the food is always good there!
On Wednesday, we met with one of our investigators named Patricia (One of three) and talked with her. We set a baptism date for January 9th with her! She is going through a lot of difficulties right now, and is super humbled. She understands and remembers everything we teach! We are trying to help her stop smoking, and she told us how hard it was. We told her that we would give up something too while she was trying to stop smoking, so that we could better help and understand her. So, until she stops smoking, Elder Buck and I won’t be eating bread or chocolate, lol. She said that everytime she wants to smoke, she will think of us poor elders, not eating chocolate or bread! I hope it works!
On Thursday, I missed my first thanksgiving in my whole life! They don’t celebrate it here, so it wasn’t a special day. But, I made some deviled eggs (which I’m not even sure is traditional Thanksgiving food, my family just always ate it on Thanksgiving) and I will send some pictures of them. I was proud. Paprika was hard to find, and they only had ‘Paprica Picante’ so they were spicy! We had been contacting and went to visit someone we met earlier. At the guys house, his old little grandma and Sister were there and was talking to us. He is like ‘all churches are corrupt’ his sister is like ‘my church is right’ and his grandma was like ‘all churches are of god and bless you little pastorzinhos’ lol that was the first time I had been called a little ‘pastorzinho’. It just means ‘little pastor’.
On Friday we had our distric meeting and I got some mail! I got some mail from my family, and a letter. We didn’t want to walk home carrying the boxes, so we called a taxi. When we got home and were going to pay the taxi, my companion realized he had lost his wallet! We spent the rest of the day searching, but no luck! We also put up my companion’s Christmas tree, and I will send pics of that too! They didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but apparently they celebrate Black Friday here! Too bad I wasn’t buying a TV this year!
On Saturday, we went on some visits with the ward mission leader, and it was awsome! Visiting less actives is way better than knocking (or rather clapping) doors all day! Especially since his wife always makes us snacks after! At like 10:00 pm, me and my companion were sitting around, and we got a knock on the door. We opened and a sister (recently returned from a mission) and two other youth handed me a bag and said ‘Para vocês!’ I said ‘Obrigado’ and they left! There were two things of Açai in the bag! Açai is a fruit, but it is served as a frozen ice cream/frozen yogurt like substance. It tastes so good! It was really nice of them to do that. The members here are awesome! I will send pics of the açai!
Yesterday, we had a lunch appointment with about half the branch. The branch is like two big families that had two people marry and connect them. So one side of the family had us for lunch. There were like 20 people there! Lol Brazil is like a big family. There were three young men in the branch here who all got their calls yesterday, and they all opened them! Two opened them at church, but one waited until that night. He had a big party and the opening of the call was like a family home evening. There was an opening hymn, prayer and spiritual thought, lol it was ridiculous! I just opened mine normally! One is going to the Brazil Natal mission, one to the Brazil João Pessoa Mission (I think that is how you spell it!) and the other is going to the Colorado Springs Colorado Mission! Lol he knew English and is actually the guy I mentioned early who likes star wars. He is going to fall in love with the US! We had to leave the mission call opening thingy early, to get home on time, and didn’t get any of the refreshments afterwards. But when we were in our apartment at like 10:15 last night, we heard some one yelling “Oh Elderes!” We looked outside and saw an Irmã with something. She sent her son Crisão up to our door and he gave us the leftovers from the refreshments! Lol the members here love giving us food.
The weather was good this week, and it was cloudy! Not too much rain or sun. Just how I like it!
That is pretty much all for this week! I will write more next week and I will keep sending more pictures! If Connor doesn’t send the pictures I sent him, ask him for them! Love you guys!
Elder Spencer Reece Peterson

November 23, 2015

Hey guys! This week was a hard week, but I will tell you about it!

This was the first week in my second transfer here in São Francisco do Sul, with Elder Buck. We spent the first transfer mainly getting to know this place and fixing it up. We are going to try and work really hard this transfer to get some results!
There are new missionaries in the mission, and I am officially not the newest missionary! There is a new Elder in my district.
I have mentioned before how there is too many dogs here. They roam around wild. This week, Elder Buck and I were walking, and a dog started to come at us, snarling. It got close and my companion almost kicked the dog in the face. He stopped himself because the owner was watching. But Elder Buck did jump at it and try to intimidate it. Lol basically, the dogs here are all over. I’m not sure if I will ever want a dog.
It was really hot a few days here and I got sunburnt through my sunscreen. SPF 30 must not be enough… It would be really hot and sunny in the morning, and then absolutely pour in the evening, soaking our shoes and clothes. We are drying everything!
On Tuesday, we had a lunch appointment in Enseada, which is basically the pure beach part of our area. Man, it is so beautiful! The beaches here are super good. I wish I could just go swimming! We are about to head into the part of summer where school gets out, so when that happens, we aren’t allowed to go to the beach area anymore. Right now, there is no one there, but soon, it will be filled with people. So, goodbye beach.
On Thursday, we knocked two entire streets and talked with a ton of people, and no one let us in! We walked a lot that day!
I met this guy named Ralf, and he was super cool! He loves playing tennis, and invited me to play. Man, I wish I was allowed to. I wanted to so bad!!! He speaks English, so we talked to him in English for a while.
I have been sharing the message more often this week, and I think my Portuguese is improving! My companion tells all the people that I speak ‘fluentemente’ and that I just have ‘vergonha’ or shame to speak. Lol I am no where close to fluent, but it is still pretty funny!
That is basically it for this week! I continue to labor hard here! I love and appreciate all the emails and letters! Thanks for reading! Até mais!
Elder Spencer Reece Peterson

October 26, 2015

This was a devotional they had at the Brazil MTC while I was there and was brodcast that they later (just recently) published and sent out to everyone in BrAZIL.

If you watch carefully, you can see me at 9:06 all the way on the left. After that, just look for me and where I was! Lol it was funny. watch for me!!